Apple’s Solution to Never Lock Yourself out of Your Hotel Room Again

Have you ever locked yourself out of your hotel room? You may not remember to bring your keys with you especially when you’re just leaving your room service tray outside your door. Or better yet, remember the time your magnetic strip got ruined because it was too close to your cell phone? Well, Apple has the solution and the “key” for one of the most common problems of travelers these days.

You can ask ‘Siri’ to post on social media, change the TV channel and monitor your health and fitness – these are some of the amazing things you can do with the Apple Watch and iPhones. And to make your vacation hassle-free, convenient and fun, Apple is also planning to integrate a feature that allows users to check into and unlock their hotel room. You can even make mobile payments through this watch!

Along with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, the Apple Watch was introduced to the public by the Apple Inc. in Cupertino, California last month. Gadget enthusiasts are excited for the release of this smart-watch in the early 2015. Likely other smart phones and watch solutions will follow with their own technology developments.

To drive this technology into the industry, Apple is partnering with Starwood’s Hotels to make this feature possible. This application will have the ability to unlock hotel rooms by simply hovering the watch over the door. It’s amazing what this $350 watch can do, although you have to partner it with an iPhone to function.

Using smart phones to unlock hotel rooms is a pilot program released by Starwood Hotels and Resorts earlier this year. This new technology, when partnered with lock maker Assa Abloy, will result in a more convenient hotel stay. At least you won’t be locked out with just your robe on.

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